Water flooding from underlying aquifer or from injector is one of the major problems faced by oil operators.Power Petroleum offers tailored solutions for our client to deal with water issue, both mechanical and chemical.
Mechanical    Water Control Screen
    Packer Isolation
    Gel Particles
    Squeezing BP+Composite Particles
18-6.pngReduce water production and increase oil production with optimized solutions.
Gel ParticlesThis technology combines gel with organic or inorganic particles, and results to big plugging radius and long validity time of  plugging. It is suitable for water flooded reservoirs with strong edge water or bottom water. 18.pngSqueezing BP+ Composite ParticlesBy this technology, plugging agents are squeezed into target zone or cement sheath outside casing through squeezing BP. It can be applied to:  1. Identify leakage.  2. Seal off perforations.  3. Re-cementing.  4. Deploy baffle plate to seal off water zone.18-5.png 18-2.png 18-3.png

Drilling and Completion

Production and Stimulation



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